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All about Café du Centre

All about Café du Centre franchisesBecome a Franchisee

The franchise model is an excellent investment option, you acquire a business model that has already been tested and approved by the market, in addition to having an already structured business plan and the continuous support of those who already have expertise in the segment.

All about Café du Centre franchisesAdvantages of Being a Café du Center Franchisee

- Support in point prospecting;

- Trainings;

- Operational manuals in all areas available at remote time;

- Franchisee's virtual platform;

- Exclusive Radio;

- Constant innovation;

- International Franchise;

- No Resale of products.

All about Café du Centre franchisesGreat with Products, Great with Numbers!

- Monthly billing up to 180,000.00;

- More than 1 million a year;

- Only in the Café du Center chain does the Franchisee reach the goal of 1400.00 in revenue per hour.

(Note: Actual numbers and results of Café du Center unit)

All about Café du Centre franchisesArchitecture and Design

Each store has a unique project following the standards of sophistication that only the Café du Center chain offers.

- Shops from 80m2 to 150m2

Investment from R$ 400,000.00.

- 30m2 kiosk

From R$ 300,000.00.

All about Café du Centre franchisesFranchiseed Testimonials

I've been a franchisee for almost 4 years and at the time of the pandemic they helped me a lot, they did everything I needed, we have a very good, frank, very calm relationship, they help in everything possible. The franchise whenever I needed they helped me, they never failed.

N.M. Franchisee 2 stores. Cafe du Center

2 years ago I invested in the store, and this was one of the best investments I made in the commercial sector, because Café du Center is always innovating in terms of drinks and food, not to mention the aesthetics and functionality of the store.

P.O. Franchisee Café du Center

Avenue Nereu Ramos, 179, Downtown, Itapema - SC
(47) 3368-0343
(47) 9990-8167
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